NDAA-Compliant IDIS Turret Cameras from Hills

Image of two IDIS turret cameras with a shield graphic reading "NDAA Compliant"

IDIS offers a selection of turret cameras for providing optimal surveillance and securing your premises. Today, we will focus on the features of two models in particular: the DC-D4531WERX model, and the DC-D4511WERX-2.8MM model.

These IDIS Turret cameras are NDAA compliant, and support ONVIF Protocol to maintain its compatibility and interoperability with a variety of CCTV systems. 5MP resolution ensures a top-quality image every time. What’s more, the cameras perform with True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and have an IR LED distance of up to 45 meters, complete with an IR Cut Filter and Auto Switch — providing you with not only clarity but a superior night use capability in complete darkness. Both IDIS cameras are resilient to harsh weather and will perform in temperatures ranging from -30°C to 55°C. Overall, both models ensure you have a flexible yet reliable security solution that will deliver clear surveillance no matter what environment in the day or night it is working under.

What's the difference between the two models?

The key point of differentiation between the two models is the focal length they capture. DC-D4511WERX is a fixed focal camera with 2.8mm lens, whereas DC-D4531WERX is a motorised varifocal camera with 2.7-12mm lens. Either way, both IDIS Turret cameras are cost-effective and from South Korea’s largest CCTV manufacturer — which gives peace of mind with a 36-month warranty.

NDAA Compliance

Since these cameras are NDAA compliant, they can make for an essential installation for government agencies and enterprises requiring advanced security. Additionally, Ahmad Ali from Hills notes, "Given the flexibility both IDIS models offer, these cameras can be used in a variety of applications such as retail, commercial operations, and even at home for indoor and outdoor applications."

IDIS and Hills have a relationship of over 20 years and distribute both models of the IDIS Turret cameras.

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