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Hills Finance

Smart, flexible payment solutions for end-user customers and Hills re-sellers.

Our payment solutions are designed to bridge the gap between client’s needs and their budget constraints. We can provide smart payment alternatives that can give you:

A solution to your problem

Shift procurement and cash flow decision making from a capex problem to an opex solution.

What you need now

Hills Finance enables equipment to be acquired immediately with payments spread over the useful life of the equipment via predictable payment streams

Reduced upfront costs

Reduce upfront costs and help preserve capital.

All inclusive plans

Plans can be inclusive of all installation and commissioning costs, software, maintenance SLA's and non-Hills product.

A broad range of terms and structures are available, from rental/operating lease, chattel mortgages and business loans to total managed services solutions.

Talk to your Hills representative about can we can assist your next equipment acquisition or email John.Vendrell@hills.com.au