Tecom TS9115 Forcefield Multi-Node (S1279A)

Tecom TS9115 Forcefield Multi-Node


Tecom TS9115 Forcefield Multi-Node


Product Description



  • Forcefield is an integrated security management platform that seamlessly combines access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into a single, unified system.
  • It works with the Tecom Challenger portfolio.
  • It allows you to control doors, alarms, user access, cameras (including PTZ cameras), digital recorders, intercoms and video switchers from a single operator screen on a Windows PC.
  • Its integration to digital video recorders through Forcefield video module gives you the ability to link events to video footage and control the video system from within Forcefield.
  • Operators can manually view live or recorded footage which can be recalled from graphic maps or via a drag-and-drop method from a list into a matrix view.
  • Matrix views can be saved and recalled, on the go, by operators to save time.
  • PTZ cameras can be controlled directly by operators or sent to a present automatically on alarm.

Product Specification

  • Product Cross-Sells

    S1283A S1438A S1556V

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